No Fee Unless GGL Wins

No Fee Unless GGL Wins

What You Need to Know About Back Injuries at Work

Despite the precautions that have been put in place, work related injuries still happen. One of the most common work related injuries in a herniated disc. A herniated disc is a severe back injury that can cause debilitating pain and affect mobility. ‍ Any injury at work needs immediate attention so you don’t have to […]

When to Get a Lawyer for Workers Comp

Workers comp is a benefit provided by the government that gives you wage replacement if you’re injured on the job. ‍ ‍This wage replacement has four different categories: ‍• Disability income • Death benefits • Medical care • Rehabilitation benefits ‍ In a nutshell, it means you receive compensation for work injury. You must file […]

Recovering From Forklift Accidents: Know Your Legal Rights

Forklifts are simultaneously one of the most common and most dangerous of all construction site accidents. Used across the construction, manufacturing, and warehousing industries, forklifts are a staple of northeastern work sites. Not only is the forklift operator at risk of injury, bystanders on the construction site are often more likely to be injured by […]

8 Common Reasons Workers Comp is Denied

Winter isn’t quite over, and snow and ice are still causing injuries, especially for people trying to work. In fact, according to a recent study, a worker’s compensation claim for snow- or ice-related injury amounts to an average of $48,000. So, it’s no wonder that insurance companies would want to deny a claim for a […]

Assaulted by a Co-Worker?

Assaulted by a Co-Worker? How to bring a workplace violence lawsuit In New Jersey If you have been assaulted by a co-worker, you may have several legal options available to you. You can complain to your company’s human resources department or a supervisor, file a police report, apply for worker’s compensation, or bring a civil […]