Garces Grabler & LeBrocq

GGL and its team members believe in supporting the communities in which it works and lives, here are some of the organizations we are involved with

Roberto M. Basantes

I am a parttime boxing coach in a Gym in North Brunswick & I have my fighter from New Brunswick participating in the NJ Golden Gloves (biggest amateur competition of NJ) at 131lbs. His dad was a prior WC client with us a couple of years back. We won 2 weeks ago & tonight we fight in the semifinals. I make sure our GGL logo is present in this event as well!!

Lawrence LeBrocq

Lawrence spent 15 years as coach Executive Board Member and President of The Edison Jets Pop Warner and Cheer . He spent 15 years as Coach President Executive Board Member of Edison Little Eagles Wrestling and Coached and was an Executive Board Member of Edison Youth Baseball.

Robert Piskadlo

I sponsor and participate in the annual collection for less fortunate kids in Poland in Trenton, NJ, after Christmas in late January. This foundation is enormous in Poland, and it purchases hospital medical equipment. Local businesses take part in this event.

Peter L. Agostini, Esq.

We have been involved with the Morris County Challenger Little League for over 22 years. We provide opportunities for children and young adults with disabilities to participate in baseball, bowling, soccer, basketball and other activities.

David P. Corvasce, Esq.

I recently became a member of Le Tip Group of Spring Lake. It is comprised of approximately 20 members. The purpose of the group is to generate business for one another and expand the group. The members are typically the owners and or CEOs of small businesses.

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Case Victories

Construction Accident

Mediation award resulting from an industrial explosion causing disfiguring burns and severe orthopedic injuries.

$7.8 Million


Slip and Fall

23-year-old woman in a Shop Rite slipped on a wet floor in the frozen food section of the store, resulting in her needing shoulder surgery.

$625 Thousand


Medical Malpractice

A 44-year-old woman, with a family history of breast cancer, went for a mammogram. A growth was found but she was never sent for any further testing. One year later, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

$550 Thousand


Medical Malpractice

A 47-year-old man went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains. He was told that he pulled a muscle and no further tests were done on him. Seven months later, he went to the hospital with abdominal pain and he was diagnosed with Stage Four Liver Cancer.

$500 Thousand


Work Accident Injuries

$400 Thousand