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Have you or someone you care about been injured in an accident in the Union, New Jersey area? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for damages such as medical bills and lost wages. However, receiving compensation after an accident isn’t a walk in the park. Insurance companies will fight you every step of the way to minimize or deny your injury claim, be it from an auto accident, workplace accident, slip and fall accident, medical malpractice, or any other personal injury accident.

This is why it is crucial for you to seek legal advice and representation from an experienced Union personal injury attorney who can help you navigate the claims process and ensure you avoid any legal pitfalls that may harm your case.

At Garces, Grabler & LeBrocq, our legal team is ready to take up this task and hold at-fault parties accountable for their actions. We understand how challenging it may be to pay for medical bills and other expenses as you deal with the aftermath and trauma caused by the accident. Contact us today by calling 800-923-3456 to discuss your legal options. Let us help you deal with insurance companies as you focus on your recovery.

What To Do if You’ve Been Hurt in an Accident in Union

The moments after an accident can be chaotic and confusing for most victims. Nonetheless, it’s crucial for you to follow some steps to strengthen your claim. Here are the steps our personal injury lawyers in Union recommend:

1. Call 911

If you have been involved in an accident and sustained injuries, contact 911 immediately. Inform the 911 dispatcher about the accident, including the location, injuries, number of people and vehicles involved, and any other relevant information. The 911 operator will inform emergency responders, including the police, who will respond to the accident scene. Once the police arrive, they will draft an accident report, which can help prove liability as well as boost your chances of receiving fair compensation.

In the event of a workplace injury, notify your supervisor as soon as possible.

2. Seek Medical Attention

Never ignore seeking medical attention afteran accident. Even if your injuries seem minor, visit your doctor since some injuries may not be immediately apparent after an accident.

3. Gather Evidence

While at the accident scene, use your phone or camera to take as many photos and videos of the scene as possible. Capture any vehicle damage, skid marks, debris on the road, road signs, and weather conditions. Also, remember to exchange information with other involved parties, such as:

  • Full name and contact details
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number

It’s also prudent that you talk to witnesses at the scene of the accident, be it a construction site accident, truck wreck, or public transportation accident. Witness accounts can provide valuable insights regarding the incident and be vital in proving negligence.

4. Contact a Union Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered an injury in the Union area, it’s advisable to seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer. At Garces, Grabler & LeBrocq, our legal team knows the ins and outs of personal injury cases, and we are ready to guide you through every step. Our lawyers will evaluate all legal avenues available to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries as you focus on your recovery.

How Much Is My Injury Claim Worth?

Every personal injury claim is different. The worth of your claim may vary from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the facts surrounding your case. For example, generally, the compensation for a fractured bone is less than the compensation for a traumatic brain injury that renders the victim brain-dead.

At Garces, Grabler & LeBrocq, our Union lawyers will comprehensively assess your case to understand how much it could be worth. Some of the questions you can expect from our personal injury attorneys in Union include:

  • How did you get hurt?
  • Were your injuries severe?
  • Did you seek medical treatment?
  • Did you miss work?
  • Does your doctor think you’ll make a full recovery?
  • Do you think you contributed tothe accident?

Typically, accidents that cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths in the Union area tend to be worth more. Our personal injury lawyers will help you understand all aspects of your personal injury claim, including the damages that may be available to you, such as:

  • Medical expenses, including doctor bills, hospital stays, prescriptions, medical devices, and in-home nursing care expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life activities

In rare instances, plaintiffs may receive punitive damages if they can prove using clear and convincing evidence that the defendant’s actions were malicious or if they acted in wanton and willful disregard of the injured victim’s rights. It’s important to note that New Jersey has a cap on the amount of punitive damages a plaintiff may receive in a personal injury case — $350,000 or five times the amount of compensatory damages.

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Will My Injury Case Go to Trial?

Most personal injury claims in the Union area are resolved out of court through settlements. However, an injury case may proceed to trial if both parties can’t amicably resolve the claim through out-of-court negotiations. This typically happens if both parties can’t agree on the settlement amount or the at-fault party contests their liability.

If a case proceeds to trial, it’s important to note that you only have two years from the accident date to file a lawsuit. If you fail to do so in time, the court will likely throw out your case, and you won’t be able to recover any damages. This is why it is important to act fast after an accident and hire an experienced lawyer to file your lawsuit on time, help you with discovery, and represent you in court.

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Don’t let the person responsible for your injuries off the hook without paying you the compensation you deserve. Remember, the compensation you receive from your insurance company may not be enough to cover all your bills. Let our personal injury attorneys in Union fight for compensation that covers your injuries and damages. Since 1991, we have been helping injured victims in New Jersey get the verdicts and settlements they deserve. In fact, the majority of our clients have given us positive reviews regarding our top-notch legal services.

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