What You Need to Know About Back Injuries at Work

Despite the precautions that have been put in place, work related injuries still happen. One of the most common work related injuries in a herniated disc. A herniated disc is a severe back injury that can cause debilitating pain and affect mobility.

Any injury at work needs immediate attention so you don’t have to suffer longer than necessary – in particular, back injuries at work should be taken seriously. Workers’ compensation is designed to ensure you get the medical treatment you need while also making sure you don’t suffer financially because of the time you must be away from work.

What is a herniated disc?

A herniated disc is the result of a disc being pushed from its normal position, which is between the spinal vertebrae. Spinal nerves get pinched because of the cushion between the disc being out of place, causing excruciating pain that shoots into the limbs. It can be accompanied by numbness or tingling.

Severely herniated disc can cause further problems if not properly treated. They can lead to cauda equina syndrome, which can impact control of the bowels and bladder and result in severe weakness in the legs.

Causes of work-related back injuries

Not all work related injuries are sudden in nature. While you can be injured in a fall or by lifting a heavy package, you can also suffer injuries from repetitive motions. As an example, carpal tunnel doesn’t happen overnight. It is from the repetitive use of your arms and wrists. Herniated discs can occur from similar stressors on your back.

If you have a job that requires repetitive motions such as repeated bending and lifting, you could be putting a strain on your back and spine. It can be difficult to determine what is considered the date of injury as it can take weeks, months or even years of the same activities before a herniated disc produces symptoms. The disc may herniate from a single action or it may take ongoing repetitive activity to cause the damage.

Getting workers’ compensation for an injury at work

If you suffer an injury at work, it should be reported to your supervisor, your Union Representative, and Human Resources representative immediately. Oftentimes, it involves completing an accident report so a claim can be filed with the company’s insurance provider. In theory, you should receive workers’ compensation from your employer’s insurance provider for the time you are out of work. In New Jersey, benefits kick in once you have been out of work for a week.

However, you might face obstacles while trying to obtain benefits. Insurance adjusters may want to argue about the date of injury or they might try to say you continued to work after you were injured so your injury is not as severe as you claim. An experienced injury attorney will work for your claim regarding back injuries at work and successfully be able to prove your situation. If you have suffered an injury at work, you should consult with an experienced work injury lawyer.

Back injuries at work can have an impact on the rest of your life. You may require medical treatment in the months or years ahead. You may suffer from ongoing pain. Additional surgeries may be required. An injury attorney thoroughly evaluates the matter so he or she can build a strong case to ensure your rights are properly protected and you have access to the medical treatment you need now and in the future.

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