What to Do When Your Teen Driver Is Injured in a Car Accident

At some point in our lives, there’s a reasonable chance we’ll be involved in an auto accident of some sort.

Anyone can get involved in a car accident. The most popular causes of driving accidents in the United States are speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving. A great chunk of driving accidents involves teen drivers. If you find yourself in a situation where your teen driver has been injured in an accident, consider the following:

Determine the Severity of the Accident and Injury

If your teenager calls you telling you they have been injured in an accident, you must head to the scene of the accident as soon as possible. Once you get there, determine how severe the accident and injury are. You can also ask them about this over the phone. If they are unable to get out of the car, advise them to stay put and turn their hazards on. Make sure you call 911 as you get to the scene of the accident. Also, advise your teen to wait for help before they start doing anything.

Advise Them to Secure the Vehicle

If your teen driver has been involved in a minor accident and their injuries only consist of bruises, advise them to move the car to a safe spot. This can either be on the side of the road or in a nearby parking lot. If the car poses a danger to others driving by, and it can’t be moved, they should place warning triangles around it. If it is too difficult for your teen to move due to injuries, make sure they do not move.

Call for Help

Once you have been alerted that your teen driver has been injured in an accident, call for help. If there are fires, trapped people at the scene of the accident, or other injuries, call 911 immediately. They will send a response team and the police will be on their way too. Make sure you hang on to any documentation you receive, including a copy of the accident report from the police. Advise your teen not to discuss fault with the police or any other person. This will be important later to maximize coverage for future medical bills when your teen’s injuries are treated.

Contact Your Insurance and Auto Accident Attorneys

You will need auto accident attorneys on your side to ensure your teen gets the necessary care they need. Even if your teen sustained only minor injuries from the accident, he or she could experience aches and pain for long afterward, requiring physical therapy, and a personal injury attorney can help win you coverage to pay for it. Also, be sure to contact your insurance provider to see what may already be covered.

Accidents can be quite problematic, but they will have less impact if you do the proper things. It’s very important to involve auto accident attorneys whenever your teen driver gets injured in an accident.

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