Injuries at Birth — Who is to Blame?

The birth of your child should be a time of joy and celebration. But if your baby suffers an injury at birth due to medical malpractice, that joy can soon turn to tragedy. Nobody wants to deal with the heartbreak and stress of a childbirth injury lawsuit, but with mounting medical bills, you may have nowhere to turn. Medical malpractice law firms can help, so you can concentrate on the needs of your new baby.

Many birth injuries happen due to complications during labor. However, malpractice-related birth injuries occur (to both mother and child) when a medical professional acts negligently. Malpractice suits are extremely complex, so it’s essential to consult with a medical malpractice law firm as soon as possible.

Common Birth Injuries

Following are some typical injuries that happen during the birth process. Some of these may clear up on their own, but some can cause permanent damage or even death.

• Perinatal asphyxia: When the newborn fails to receive enough oxygen, resulting in pale skin, labored breathing, shock, seizures, or coma. This can resolve on its own or cause neurological damage.

• Brachial plexus injuries: Also called Erb’s Palsy, these occur when the nerve bundle at the upper spine is stretched or torn during delivery. Nerve damage can range from mild and temporary to permanent. About 10% of cases of brachial plexus injuries result in permanent disability or even paralysis.

• Bone fractures: During a hard delivery, some babies suffer broken or fractured bones. These fractures typically happen to the clavicle, and treatment depends on the severity of the break.

• Spinal cord injuries. A severe birth injury, spinal cord trauma occurs with vigorous use of forceps or nerve damage during the birth process.

Your doctor may blame birth injuries on general complications during delivery. However, birth injury attorneys can investigate all aspects of the birth of your child and determine if medical malpractice may have occurred.

How Lawyers for Medical Malpractice Can Help

A traumatic birth injury can result in a lifetime of medical bills and long-term care for your child. If this injury occurred due to someone else’s negligence, you and your child deserve compensation. Your family shouldn’t have to deal with this financial struggle.

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