My Family And I Support The Following Local Charities/organizations In Hillsborough

Mary, Mother of God Church

Mary, Mother of God Church is a Roman Catholic church located in Hillsborough, New Jersey. It is part of the Diocese of Metuchen.

The church was established in 1985 to serve the growing Catholic community in Hillsborough and the surrounding areas. Since then, it has become a vibrant center of worship and community life, offering a range of religious and social activities for parishioners of all ages.

The church building itself is a modern structure, featuring a spacious nave with a high ceiling and large stained glass windows. The interior is tastefully decorated with religious art and icons, creating a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere.

In addition to regular Sunday Masses, Mary, Mother of God Church offers a variety of other services and programs, including daily Mass, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and the sacrament of reconciliation. The parish also has an active youth ministry, adult education programs, and a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Overall, Mary, Mother of God Church is a welcoming and inclusive community that strives to serve the spiritual needs of all its members while also reaching out to the wider community through charitable works and outreach programs.

Premiere Dance in Hillsborough

A classical dance education teaches students how to move to music and delves into the global history of dance. Premiere Dance maintains a roomy facility with four separate studios for instruction. All studio equipment is professional grade. Participants are invited to join us for classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Modern, and Tap.

The youngest students can join us for Nursery Dance and Kinder combo classes at age three. From these introductory classes through the adult levels, students are taught by instructors qualified in various dance disciplines who are dedicated to helping students find their styles.

Steps Together in Hillsborough

Steps Together is a Hillsborough based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to inspiring our community to pay their blessings forward and support Somerset County families facing a medical crisis.

Formed in 2013, the incredible support of the community has allowed Steps Together to assist more families, provide them with greater financial relief and bring awareness to the conditions that impact them. Grants provided by Steps Together range from one-time assistance to ongoing support for a maximum duration of 24 months.

Some of the families we assist wish to remain private, others use the centralization of our website to organize the community efforts around them.

The Boy Scouts

We provide ready-made opportunities for your family to do fun things together, because together, we can all grow into our very best future selves! We’re all about encouraging boys and girls to make friends, be helpful to others, and do their very best no matter the outcome. With the help of powerful learning projects and exciting outdoor activities, we aim to teach children that doing their best can be a fun and rewarding experience—no matter the difficulty of the challenge.

Some of the Organizations I support...

Community Involvement

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Case Victories

Construction Accident

Mediation award resulting from an industrial explosion causing disfiguring burns and severe orthopedic injuries.

$7.8 Million


Slip and Fall

23-year-old woman in a Shop Rite slipped on a wet floor in the frozen food section of the store, resulting in her needing shoulder surgery.

$625 Thousand


Medical Malpractice

A 44-year-old woman, with a family history of breast cancer, went for a mammogram. A growth was found but she was never sent for any further testing. One year later, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

$550 Thousand


Medical Malpractice

A 47-year-old man went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains. He was told that he pulled a muscle and no further tests were done on him. Seven months later, he went to the hospital with abdominal pain and he was diagnosed with Stage Four Liver Cancer.

$500 Thousand


Work Accident Injuries

$400 Thousand