3 Types of Road Accidents That Are Considered Crimes

At some point in our lives, there’s a reasonable chance we’ll be involved in an auto accident of some sort.

Did you know that at least 3 million people are injured in road accidents annually in the United States? While most road incidents are considered civil cases, they can sometimes be considered criminal acts. Read on to learn more about a few car accidents that are treated as crimes.

Impaired or Intoxicated Driving

Every state in the country recognizes impaired driving due to substance use as a crime. Highway and traffic officers will usually determine this by testing a suspect’s blood alcohol concentration. If the amount is 0.08 or higher, criminal charges will be imposed.

However, proceeding with the charges will depend on whether this is the driver’s first incident. If they have previously been convicted for similar cases, there’s a high chance they may be charged with a crime.

Reckless Driving

If your loved one has suffered a personal injury due to reckless driving, the suspect may be charged with a crime. According to the law, it is not lawful to intentionally endanger another person’s life when driving. A good example of such a situation is when the driver was speeding or knowingly disobeying traffic laws when the accident occurred.

There are some situations where the driver may have been at fault but was not directly aggravating. In such cases, their lawyers will attempt to have the case considered as a civil lawsuit. Depending on the specifics of the case, you may still be able to qualify for the Victims of Crime Compensation Board in NJ.

Hit and Run

If a driver hit your loved one and fled the scene, they may face criminal charges. Drivers are required to stop at the scene even if the accident they cause is minor. Criminal charges may be severe if the hit and run incident caused death.

If the matter is turned into a civil suit, it’s recommended to reach out to a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the case. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident as the result of a negligent or aggravated driver, contact the law offices of Garces, Grabler, and LeBrocq today.

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