Lo que debe saber sobre los costes de un abogado de lesiones personales

One of the worst mistakes a personal injury victim can make is to not get in touch with a personal injury lawyer early on in their case. Unfortunately, some victims do make the mistake because they worry about how they can afford the services of a personal injury lawyer.

The fact is you can be represented by a personal injury law firm without having to worry about upfront out-of-pocket expenses. In most cases, you can have the personal injury attorney New Brunswick NJ clients trust without having to write a check until you win your case.

How Can It Be Possible to Get Attorney Services Without Paying Upfront?

It may be hard to believe but you can get the support of an expert personal injury lawyer without having to pay out-of-pocket upfront. A personal injury law firm that specializes in these types of cases can take your case on a contingency basis. The «contingency» is that when you win your case they will be paid. Typically, the cost of representation will be paid from the proceeds of your settlement for your personal injury claim. Motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury accidents can be costly. There are six major financial areas that can be affected by a personal injury including:

  • Wage and income
  • Medical costs
  • Administrative costs of dealing with the insurance company
  • Property damage costs
  • Productivity costs
  • Employer costs and losses

An accident can be very costly. The last thing you should have to worry about is how you are going to pay to be represented and have your rights protected.

Having an expert on your side that can easily navigate personal injury law and protect your rights can be arranged without you having to worry about how you are going to pay for it. Of course, the next question is what happens if you do not win, who pays for the personal injury lawyer.

If you Don’t Win, They Don’t Get Paid

This is not a catch-22 situation. In other words, if you do not win your case and do not get paid, neither does the lawyer. It can be hard to imagine that there is no catch to the situation that would leave you owing thousands of dollars in legal fees, but it is true. If you do not win your case, you are not liable for paying the fees.

Don’t let worries about how you will pay for a personal injury lawyer stop you from getting the representation that you need to protect your rights. It can be far more affordable than you think. Make an appointment today for a case review and to learn about how affordable having the expertise of a personal injury on your side can be.

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